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Connect with specialized service providers to meet any need!
Why use Work Wingman?
No subscription fees or any other fees at any point for customers.
No calling around to get quotes...just post what you need done and let professionals give you estimates and customized pitches.
The professionals will offer you competitive prices because they know they are competing for your job.
No obligation to hire anyone.
Compare the professionals' ratings on a number of metrics, by job category, so you can choose a professional who excels at what you care about.
See who your friends have hired, and how they have rated the professionals you are considering.
Get responses immediately from professionals who have set up automatic bids for jobs like yours. Customized responses will soon follow from professionals that get alerted as soon as you post your job.
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Are you a professional, small business, or just someone looking for odd jobs?
Easily find jobs to perform in your specialty!
Why use Work Wingman?
Take an active role in finding new customers. Rather than waiting for customers to contact you, find out who needs your skills and reach out directly to them.
No subscription fee. You can view and reply to any job that is posted for free, and not pay a dime unless you get hired for a job. In that case, you only pay us a minor percentage of what you charge.
Get notified by email whenever a job comes up that matches criteria that you specified. You can also set up a generic response to automatically send to customers as soon as they post a job that matches your criteria.
Get rewarded for being a valued professional. The more you earn on Work Wingman jobs, the lower your fee will be on future jobs. If you earn $11,000 or more in six months, your fee will be less than 2%, and can drop as low as 1%.
Create a profile that highlights your strengths. You can upload documents, provide links, and describe yourself to potential customers. You can also leverage the reputation you have already built by linking your Yelp profile.
Screen for the customers you actually want to work for. See how customers have been rated by workers they have hired previously. Also see the exact nature and approximate location of the job, so that you don't waste time looking into jobs that aren't worth your while.
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